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Buyer beware

C A V E A T   E M P T O RWhen hiring a piano mover, watch out for the following signs that the mover you are hiring is not completely above board:
They will not give an address for their business. You'll hear comments such as "We are located in the Greater Boston area."
They will not produce a certificate of insurance for you. They may say that they are insured, but for what? Do they have worker's compensation coverage in Massachusetts?
Their trucks are not registered in Massachusetts. Some movers will tell you that they are located in Massachusetts, yet their trucks are registered in another state. This is a sign that they are operating illegally in Massachusetts. They are required to have a Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy number in order to operate within Massachusetts.
If you are having your piano moved out of state the mover is unable to provide you with a U.S. Department of Transportation number.
The mover will not give detailed references with telephone numbers.
Remember, anybody can set up a website or place an ad in the Yellow Pages. It is up to you to make sure that you are getting a legal and competent moving company. Don't be afraid to ask questions - and be sure to get satisfactory answers.
O U RMassachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy (formerly the D.P.U.) number is: 25209
O U RU.S. Department of Transportation number is: 448051
O U RInterstate Commerce Commission number is: MC 165381

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