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Frequently asked questions about moving your piano in Massachusetts

T H E R Eare 88 keys on a standard piano--52 white keys and 36 black keys.
B A R T O L O M E OCristofori, a Florentine, is generally credited with the invention of the first piano. It is believed that Cristofori built the first pianoforte in 1709, although there are also credible claims that the date was 1700. This means that Y2K is just about the 300th anniversary of the invention of the piano. This means that it is also the 300th anniversary of the piano mover.
I FY O Uever visit Florence, Italy, while walking the streets where Dante, DaVinci, and Michelangelo roamed, remember that the first piano movers also worked here.
T H ET E R M"grand piano" was first used in 1777 when Robert Stodart, an apprentice with the Broadwood Piano Company in London, applied for a patent using the term.
P I A N O SW E R Eso important to Latin America's colonial elite that they often had pianos shipped to them all the way from Europe. Colombia's capital city, Medellin is located in a mountainous area in the interior of the country, and moving the pianos there required them to be disassembled, shipped in packages on the back of donkeys, and reassembled upon arrival.
H E R Eare answers to your frequently asked questions about piano moving, storage and care:

I called you about moving my piano. Why did you ask me the brand name and the piano's age?
Not all pianos are created equal. The more specialized knowledge we have in advance, the better job we can do to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Knowing your piano's age tells us whether any special precautions need to be taken in moving it. And there are also differences between piano brands -- for example, some pianos are much heavier than others!

Can I safely store my piano in an unheated space?
Larry Fine writes: "The conventional wisdom is that pianos should never be allowed to freeze, but any technician will tell you that pianos left unheated year after year are often in better condition than those in well-heated houses, the latter usually suffering from the effects of overdryness." To protect against dampness, place some mothballs in the piano (but don't let them touch the finish).

Will moving my piano affect the tuning?
Moving your piano, by itself, generally will have very little effect on its tuning. However, over the next two weeks the piano may go out of tune as it adjusts to different humidity conditions. For this reason, you should wait at least two weeks after moving before having your piano tuned.

I have a piano that I want to sell. Can you help me find a buyer?
We welcome ANY questions about pianos, so please give us a call -- we may be able to refer you to a piano dealer.

Larry Fine has generously allowed us to quote from The Piano Book (Jamaica Plain, Mass.: Brookside Press, 1990). Please visit Brookside Press's web site for more information.

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